totoo! You've come to the right place!

Our beauty parlor offers a wide range of different treatmentsincluding massage, physiotherapy and cosmetics.

Let's do something for your health!

Cosmetic services

Fortunately those times are over...

Looks don't matter? You couldn't be more wrong! As technology advanced we begun to come up with safe and comfortable ways to enhance our looks. totoo will not only make you look beautiful but will also guarantee that you enjoy every minute of the process. Remember! Our looks are our best show-card.

Massage and rehabilitation

We have five years' experience running a massage practice and working in a medical centre – that's thousands of hours spent making clients happier and healthier. But that is only a statistic; come and see for yourself.

totoo will help you feel fully relaxed both physically and mentally. It is a place where you can recharge your batteries.

Meet the totoo team

The extensive experience of the totoo team is a guarantee of your satisfaction. Our work is our passion and the growing circle of our clients just enforces our belief that this is what we were meant to do!

Our personal involvement with every client will make you feel special. Give yourself some pleasure.

totoo is a place where our passion and your expectations are the driving forces!

Come in, please!


13/15 Szamarzewskiego St, intercom 52
60-514 Poznań

Opening hours

Monday-Friday: 1000-2000
Sobota: 1000-1400

We cordially invite!

Thank you for help with creating and opening our beauty parlor!

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